Advertising for advertising.

If you want your campaign to be noticed and stand out, the use of a casefilm is a must. It is the most effective way to explain your campaign and its success. That’s why we call it ‘advertising for advertising’. makes sure your campaign stands out between all those hours of casefilms an award jury gets to see. was founded in 2011 when Geert Ploeger and Roderick Frencken combined their knowledge and network. Geert is freelance Art director, Roderick a producer. A strong combination of experience in advertising and producing movies. Therefore they know how a jury looks at a casefilm and how they have to be convinced that your case deserves an award. Especially because Geert took place in several advertising award jury’s.

“The value of lies in the fact that they are builders ánd thinkers.
They have enough experience to capture a story in a short and impactful way.”
Norman Groenewegen – DraftFCB  

”Beautiful art direction, a hands-on mentality and a pleasant colaboration.
Which resulted in two strong casefilms.”
Thomas Reinhold & Tibor van Ginkel – Creative Agency Selmore

“If you’ve ever attempted to make a casefilm yourself, you know that you better leave that to the guys of Casefilm”
Guido van der Meijden – Kumpany